Background / 背景

Beso Vida is a design brand founded in 2017 from Taiwan, based in Tainan.
The brand name comes from the Spanish words "kiss" and "life". The company aims for simplicity and practical products for people, combining an aesthetic life with eco-friendly materials, along with an assurance of safety.

Beso Vida為台灣的設計品牌,研發團隊來自台南。品牌旨意為期許能夠持續創造出簡約實用的物件陪伴大眾,讓享受美感生活、兼顧環保和安心使用不再是遙不可及。

Design Solution / 設計策略

As I did the rebranding for Beso Vida upon the release of their new product, there was a desire that the logo should evolve as well, visually accentuating this new era. We concluded that their core values were: Friendliness and Sustainability in development. The new trademark takes the capital letter 「B」 as an idea, combined with a hugging posture. The English and Mandarin logotypes are written with a smooth curve to build concise and soft visual feelings. The letters ‘O’ and ‘D’ were created to be organic, cloud and groove-shaped. We chose five main colours, along with three secondary colours to match. The colours in the palette are inspired by nature, creativity and eco-friendliness. It is more than a design element, aiming to elevate the brand’s philosophy and to present the extraordinary aesthetics of the brand.

為該品牌重新制定及規劃視覺,整合品牌的核心價值為友善、有益、永續。商標設計融入大寫英文字母B的外型與擁抱的動作,中英文的標準字設計上採取圓滑弧線構成了簡練的視覺感受,英文字標中的O和D以有機形態製作,造型如同大自然中雲朵與樹叢的曲線。色彩規劃上,使用大地自然色系,呼應品牌理念,選擇五款主色加上三款輔色互相搭配,凝聚自然、創意、環保為一體,呈現出Beso Vida的特別的品牌美學。

Type: Branding

Design / Animation: Aco Hsu

Client: Beso Vida

Year: 2019

Music: UltraCat