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Girls Opt For Themselves 

For many years, Aco has used a camera to record her life and surrounding. Unintentionally, she captured her female friends in many photo series. People asked her, why the subject is always women?

For her, it’s through the camera and also photography, she projects her thinking upon the models, an extension of self-consciousness. Through them she can express a group condition, her own mental state and the depths of her heart. The women who cooperated with her are of similar ages and, as she begins each series, she records her own condition as well as the subject’s, rather than simply being a photo of a female.
This will be a long term photography project. I cooperated with subjects who were female physically and also mentally. Each zine is a colour section. During the shooting process, I internalise the stories of people who are the models and also combine my view with theirs.



Type: Photograph

Art Direction, Photography : Aco Hsu 許嘉玲

Clent: Self-initiated project

Year: 2018