Grain in Ear


Brand Design


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Figma
  • Notion


Brand designer, Photographer



Project Background

The brand name ‘Grain in Ear’ relates to the time in the Lunar calendar, within Asia, where the year is divided into 24 solar periods. It is the most intense time to seed millet, as well as the deadline for sowing activity. During this period, areas around the middle stream of the Yangtze River, and areas further downstream, enter the rainy season. Sensing the incoming wetness, the mantis comes out, the shrike starts to sing and the mockingbird stops tweeting. So, for this new-born brand, this name was chosen to represent a new vision that explores the relation of plants, organic materials and humans. These being placed and organised into a scenic setting that forms an almost sculptural shape, or an abstraction, charged with the symbolism of this important period of the Lunar calendar.

Design Solution

In this project, I combine the colours beige and bole to reflect a natural state, to then act as meaningful colours in the founder’s life story. I use a stratigraphic and elegant way to design the layout, logo and other office supplies.

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