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Hsu Chi Butcher Shop  /  許 記 豬 肉

Hsu Chi butcher shop is located at a traditional market. Their vision is to provide a better environment and buying option for visitors and regulars at the market, along with changing the view that some people may have about a traditional market. Restarting and rebranding with a clean, fresh outlook.
For this project, I created a series of visual designs along with experimental photography of the products. The project uses the impression of meat as the main theme, creating a series of visual applications, such as creating the organic meat shape logo and elaborating this into more basic elements. The elements are all daily stuff that can be seen at the butcher shop and are arranged into an illustration. The logo’s mandarin words are used in a vibrant way to create geometry, following this they are separated into another image and then, after being reorganised, form the icons of the couple who own the shop. The main visual design utilizes interesting organic figures to emphasize the visual impression, assembling and disassembling the icons and illustrations delicately from the flexible brand symbols that are applied to every scene and scenario. They can freely stand and arrange themselves in every extended design. The concept of the experimental photography attempts to break the original function of a product, thinking alternatively to investigate different expressions of meat products, this being in line with an attempt made in the rebranding of wanting to break the stereotype of a traditional market shop.


Type: Identity 

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography : Aco Hsu 許嘉玲

Client : Hsu Chi Butcher Shop /  許記豬肉

Year: 2018