The idea behind this project extended from Aya’s painting and clothing. The editorial has explored onomatopoeia and aims to be defiant and experimental. Most importantly for us was to enjoy the collaborative process and have fun while creating. The freehand illustrations were designed and laid out following the photography movement.

We mainly discussed in English but sometimes exchanged language from each of our mother languages: Mandarin and Japanese.  The onomatopoeia used is the sound associated to describe a situation or moment. We chose some Japanese onomatopoeia words for each series, to accompany the illustrations, material and the painting on the clothes. This project highlights that we’re two different creative voices, joining our ideas together to create a new spark and combining our cultural differences.

Type: Fashion Photography, Art Direction
Illustration: Aya Yamanaka  山中彩

Textile Design: Aya Yamanaka  山中彩

Photography: Aco Hsu  許嘉玲

Book Design: Hsin Hsiang Kuo 郭欣祥
Models: Holly James 林青恩, Yu Chuan Chang  張瑜娟

Client: Aya Yamanaka  山中彩

Year: 2018