Unofficial Bopomofo Guide Book  非官方注音符號指南

The whole project was made for my partner who was about to learn Mandarin. The goal of this project is, that through a visual way, one can explore a new language system. It includes an animation along with experimental graphic design works. The style’s inspiration is from Lego and Opt art.

I use different and basic shapes in piles as Bopomofo characters, where a few of the same patterns can be organised into different Bopomofo symbols. There is some basic Bopomofo information in the book. If you have the passion to deeply learn Mandarin, there are more professional courses and information available on the internet and at universities.

這系列靈感源於外國夥伴想學習中文,注音符號為台灣學習中文的第一步,在討論拼音系統與注音符號之間的優劣比較後,夥伴決定從注音符號開始學起,也因此開始製作Unofficial Bopomofo Guide Book這系列,從一般孩童常玩的積木得到概念,將字符幾何化,相同的圖形在不同拼裝中產生不同的注音符號字符,也希望藉以鼓勵初學者以視覺化的學習方式找到學習注音符號的樂趣。

Type: Graphic Design, Motion Graphics Design

Art Direction /  Graphic Design / Animation : Aco Hsu 許嘉玲

Client: Self-initiated project

Music: Glass Boy

Special thanks to Oliver M.

Year: 2018